Automotive Service Management Team – What You Need To Know


The automotive industry is one of the largest employment generating industries of present times. From research and development to sales and management, there is a vast avenue of job opportunities with this sector. The post of automotive service manager in a vehicle/car dealership is a coveted position to have. It is a job position with a wide variance of responsibilities and obligations to be handled. But one who successfully manages this post will also receive an abundance of financial returns and benefits from the employing company.

The ASM of a car dealership is involved in the hiring of staff in the office. she must pick the right people to build a team of personable sales representatives as well as efficient back office workers. The training of these people in their respective jobs is also part of the job description of the ASM. Next the service manager should be equal to the task of handling and managing the finances of the dealerships. Internal audits and checks of finances are part of the work load for and ASM as is procuring and maintaining stocks in the workshop, as well as conducting routine quality maintenance of the products. Next any person in this position must be knowledgeable regarding regulations and safety procedures in involved in the running and management of a commercial enterprise. This is one aspect of the responsibilities of an ASM. These are all the back office functions and management issues that they needs to handle.

Listed here are some of the multi dimensional works that an automotive service manager has to be adept at doing. In any care dealership ASM has to manage both the administrative aspects as well as the customer services that are provided. While the ASM may not necessarily deal with customers on a regular basis, they will definitely be called in during moments of crises.

Anything from soothing the sentiments of ruffled customers, to being firm with the hagglers is involved in their work list. For these at all times the ASM has to maintain a high level of decorum and calm.

It is abundantly clear that the work of an Automotive Service Manager is not an easy one. It entails a lot of hard work and dedication to be put in. But as mentioned earlier the salaries and incentives received from companies are equal to the efforts put in. Service Mangers can draw annual incomes of 50, 000 to 80, 000 dollars.

The above description aptly illuminates the fact that the position of an Automotive Service Manager is one much importance and high responsibility. He is expected to deal with a variety of people ranging from company officials, employees, city officials, consultants and customers. Technical know how is not enough to secure and retain this job. A variety of other skills are required to manage in this job.

Given the wide range of responsibilities that an ASM has to handle, people with varied educational backgrounds are considered for this post. Eligible candidates for such posts are business graduates, automotive engineers as they have some prior training in the issues involved in the running of a car dealership.