Basic Principles Of Jewish Education


Early childhood education is not all about providing the right experiences at the right stage of child’s development but also a guide for preschool teachers and home-schooling parents to give preschools student the best start in life. The preschool programs and different areas of studies provide natural approach by availing a structured and proper early childhood education.

The supportive families and faculty members have to work together with community to develop bright future of the students to attain maximum potential from them and develop them as lifelong learner. The environment also helps them to develop high moral standards.

The basic foundation of Hillel Jewish education system is based on torah mishamayim. The three primary concepts of Hillel program are Torah, Avodah or Prayer and Gimilut Chassadim or Charity.

One of primary objectives is to instill a deep knowledge, understanding and ability to analyze the Torah in order to find within it practical everyday lessons. These include the gratitude of such basic concepts as pride versus humility, materialism versus spirituality, Lashon Hara versus productive speech and all of which students may identify with as conventional norms.

Hillel education system shows how the torah is an essential guide at various stages of life at regular interval of the study. From childhood through adulthood, it supports people in their roles of child, sibling, parent, spouse, as well as school roles of student, teacher, and administrator. It is even present in the daily interactions of business world. Hillel students will learn to value the Torah in its entirety.

Hebrew language also plays a vital role in the Hillel experience. In addition to serving as a significant tool for the study of the written and oral Torah, it also is taught for the purpose of communication with Jews in Israel and those who inhabit in diverse communities around the world. It serves as a window to contemporary Israeli culture and society, strengthening vibrant Zionistic community.

According to code of Jewish laws, Hillel teaches individual and communal process of prayer. As Judaism emphasizes the need for man to communicate with G-D, Hillel teaches students to praise G-D, to ask Him for fulfillment of their needs and then to offer Him thanks.

This is satisfactory for every parent to imagine and to see their child who has high moral values and even confident towards life. They will also gain good self-esteem, good thinking skills, well developed senses and attentiveness, artistic and able to socialize, read writes and communicates ideas. Isn’t it a fantastic way for overall growth of a child?