Board Games Involving The Body


While a great deal of board games will challenge the mind, which is by no means a bad thing, most of them will simply have a player sit in a chair and exercise their brain power. This is the classic format for board games, having a group of people sitting around a table, participating in the competition. This isn’t always optimal, though, for often groups of people will generate a great deal of energy and finding a place to spend that energy in a healthy way is important. Therefore, in cases like these, finding board games which allow players to get up and move their bodies often can be of great benefit.

Perhaps one of the most famous games which involves the entire body would be the game Twister. This is a large game, with a mat which spreads out on the floor and acts as the board. The bodies of the players will become the pieces. The board is laid out with four rows and four columns made of colored circles. Players begin the game standing over this board, until a special spinner is spun.

The spinner is marked with 16 different combinations, between body parts and colors. Whatever the spinner lands on, whether it be the right or left hand, right or left foot, and blue, red, yellow, or green, the player has to move the corresponding body part to the matching color. Play continues until players begin to slip and fall, no longer able to continue moving their body to the correct places. When one player remains, they are declared as the winner as they were best able to keep their body moving in the correct way. This game is a full body experience, as it gets people up and moving, laughing and enjoying both the spending of energy and the competition that their friends provide.

Charades can be another game which involves the entire body of the players participating. This game, which forces players to act out a series of clues without speaking, often makes players behave in strange ways, trying to get their partners to guess what they are attempting to act out. These clues can range from examples such as different animals, to movie titles, to situations. Often, the clues are things which would not immediately spring to mind, meaning that the person acting out these clues will have to be incredibly creative. The way to perform this task is often to use the entire body to act out a series of events which can make the player guess the intentions of the actor.

The game of Charades can be fun because it involves both activity from the mind and the body. Everyone will generally get a turn to act out their clues, meaning that everyone will have an opportunity to use their bodies in an expressive way. The game is an exercise for the mind as well, watching clues visually and trying to guess their meaning. A popular party game for years, Charades can be a great way to spend the evening without confining the group to sitting around a table.