Going Green With Ward Burton


Going Green with Ward Burton transforms the way we think of the environment and television. Hosted by award-winning environmental activist, Ward Burton, Going Green examines industries, environmental trends and relevant issues that affect our ecology and our society. Offering in-depth profiles of businesses and people transforming the way we think of the environment, Going Green will offer inspiration to entrepreneurs, CEOs, employees, and all others who wish to merge ecological consciousness with sound business practices.

Going Green’ host Ward Burton is combined with a talented team of highly experienced producers and people behind the scenes offering unparalleled television programming on major networks like CNN, ION, and FOX Business. With his passion for the environment and his excellent work on environmental issues, Ward Burton has created a highly prominent foundation devoted to protecting and raising awareness about wildlife.

With so much concern among people from all walks of life concerning the environment and the way businesses need to transform, Going Green will feature prominent people and companies from a wide variety of industries ranging from aerospace engineering, alternative fuels, and solar power to biomedicine and much more. Host Ward Burton guides you and Going Green along for an amazing ride into new ways of combining profitable business endeavors, new technologies and environmentally-responsible business models that will transform both our business and natural landscapes.

We only have one planet Earth and in the future we will all be environmentalists. Whether we are green party members, accountants, or Wall Street brokers, we all need the environment and Going Green with Ward Burton will help lead the way into a newer and brighter way of conceiving of business. The future is green and the future of business will be Going Green, with Ward Burton and with all who learn to transform the way they live and work into a sound and sustainable future that harmoniously honors the planet and human ability. Ward Burton and Going Green will offer programming that inspires and motivates.