Green Computing From Google And Intel


It might be shocking that only 50% of the energy that gets in your PC is actually used, but it’s true. The other 50% are sadly lost in AC to DC transformation, being transformed into heat or lost by other means. Some would say that’s no biggie and all could be fixed if everybody would use power efficient hardware, and that’s true, so why don’t we ?

Because of prices of course! And this where Climate Savers Computing Initiative comes in and proposes environment friendly hardware at cheaper prices. As money always come first, they propose to reduce the price difference by imposing standards and increasing sales. Also if they reach their goal of increasing efficiency up to 90%, significant cost reduction will be achieved. In fact that’s one of the main factors of this campaign, besides saving the environment. In a way Google has showed interest before in ‘green’ technology but also its huge datacenters are major energy wasters. Intel too has increased voltage for its processors and thus power consumption for the whole unit.

Climate Savers Computing Initiative could could reduce the CO2 emissions by 54 million tons each year by 2010 if the program they propose is to become reality, so wish them luck.