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    KAWASAKI, Japan - Checking out to find the best yet inexpensive college? Creative Children Worldwide Preschool is the college which you have been looking for! Allow us to show you how great our organization is by one exceptional offer, sign up your child for any free trial offer session nowadays!

    1. Parents will have an alternative to bring their children to the college and avail of.
    2. ● Play (Park, Playthings, Dress-up, etc...).

    Mothers and fathers may have an option to take their children to the college and take advantage of our free trial lesson. Services are well-equipped to guarantee the child’s security but will also make sure that a young child should be able to encounter enjoyable and play.

    Their children

    Indeed, we offer you, our beloved parents to test initially before investing on us. Your children will certainly enjoy the issues we have to provide. You can check out our methods below:

    ● International Preschool Curriculum (IPC)

    ● Themed Dependent Session Plans

    ● Play (Recreation area, Playthings, Dress-up, and so on...)

    ● Activities (Karate, Gymnastics, Going swimming, and so on...)

    ● Music and Songs

    ● Stories and Poetry

    ● Encounters and Findings

    ● Interactions and Discussions

    The ways of instructing that we apply not only comes after the high standard International Preschool Programs but try out much more creative methods to bring your child the enjoyment of learning.

    This is actually the perfect haven for your children. A satisfaction-guaranteed school in which your kids can get the best education with enjoyable and thriving their creativeness.

    Perfect haven

    This school is all about understanding inside a enjoyable way, not only the English Language but on how the children could work together with the worldwide community later on. I could say that this transition in Japan brings the best in the people We have the perfect facilities where your child could be secure but is well-created for your son or daughter to experience and have fun Checking out to find the best yet inexpensive college? Creative Kids International Preschool is the college that you have been looking for! Let us show you how excellent our organization is by one exceptional offer, enroll your child for a free trial lesson nowadays.

    We have the perfect services in which your son or daughter could be safe but is well-designed for your child to experience enjoy yourself!

    Is well-designed for your child to

    We include the best employees which are all University of Teaching™ licensed, may it be Japanese or worldwide descent. They went through a comprehensive coaching that is committed to guide and take care of your children.

    Teaching licensed may

    Innovative Kids will be ecstatic to talk to you about us and how devoted our school would be to bring out the best of Kawasaki’s youth.

    You will see our properly-developed facilities, might it be for understanding or playing. It offers themed activities that will help younger decades know about the tradition of Japan and of the world We now have the perfect facilities in which your son or daughter can be secure but is properly-designed for your son or daughter to play and have fun .

    If you are fascinated to discuss your child’s long term along with us, make sure you experience the ease of coming to our college and take a look! We are located at 1-18-24 Kyomachi Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki Town 210-0848 Japan, an accessible spot for both from your workplace to your house.

    Long term

    Check out this child’s haven now so we promise to assist you create a bright future for your children.

    Innovative Kids International Preschool


    For: Ages 6 months To 6 years old

    Open: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

    Telephone: 81 044-223-8689

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    1. ●.
    2. ● Songs and Songs.
    3. For: Ages six months To 6 years old.
    4. ● Activities (Karate, Gymnastics,.