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The CPR System’s high-pressure spray wand phosphate cleaning method with recycling is really an environmentally friendly, expense powerful and labor reducing option with the pretreatment of metallic merchandise before liquid or powder coating. Here’s why:

1.The CPR Process right away recycles the clean water chemical bath, reclaiming the chemical cleaner and phosphate for future use. The CPR System’s closed-loop recycling method eliminates daily environmental monitoring mainly because nothing is dumped down the drain. This recycling technique provides chemical cost savings of approximately eighty percent above wash and dump methods currently employed by lots of brands.

2.The Bondtite high-pressure washer is energy efficient. Providing on demand heat, the burner system activates only when the spray wand trigger is pulled and deactivates when the spray wand trigger is released. For additional energy discounts, the Bondtite strain washer contains a standard time delay shut-off. This could let the Bondtite unit to power down automatically when not in use.

3.The CPR Process can be a labor reducing and value helpful way to velocity up any generation line. Working with the CPR System’s high-pressure spray wand approach will drastically decrease enough time desired to prepare massive metallic product or service for paint or powder coat. The CPR System will clean up and phosphate your in production goods in one step. Easy pull the trigger of the spray wand and clean the metal substrate with 180 degree phosphate alternative. It is a lean, “green” method to pretreat your metal fabricated goods.

4.The CPR recycling procedure is simple to operate and maintain. Providing consistent pretreatment results for about 20 several years.

The CPR Procedure can be a “green” technologies that is certainly not merely great with the environment but is superior for business. CPR Programs could be the leader in high-pressure spray wand phosphating with recycling. The CPR process provides the cleansing power of a 5-stage washer in one stage. Made for giant steel solutions, the significant force, cleaning, phosphating strategy with closed-looped recycling could be the definition of a lean producing technological know-how.