Lithium Orotate For Adhd


Lithium orotate for ADHD has received a lot of attention recently. Is it effective? Is it safe and could it be a a valid alternative to Ritalin and the other psychostimulants that are prescribed in massive quantities? A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has drawn some publicity to this little known mineral called lithium which is an inexpensive supplement and which has been used for the successful treatment of depression and biploar disorder. It seems to be effective in controlling mood swings. The use of lithium for ADHD and other ailments is fraught with problems of toxicity and there are some patients who just cannot take this supplement.

It is here that lithium orotate (which is the natural non-toxic form of lithium) scores as there are very few side effects and it is altogether a much safer supplement to take than the actual lithium salts. Lithium orotate for ADHD has been used with some success as an alternative to Ritalin. In one study, they found that lithium orotate was just as effective as the main ingredient of Ritalin which is methylphenidate. Symptoms of impulsivity, lack of focus, hyperactivity and aggression all showed a marked improvement when the patients were treated with lithium orotate.

Why has lithium orotate for ADHD attracted so much attention? Simply because Ritalin and the other psychostimulants have come in for a lot of negative criticism recently. The side effects of Ritalin and the other drugs such as Adderall, Cylert and Vyvanse can be far reaching and dangerous. Some of these side effects include heart attacks and high blood pressure.

I have been reading the ADHD forums and blogs recently and have noted some success stories about lithium orotate for ADHD which may well pave the way for an alternative treatment of ADHD. I know that some patients have noticed that there is no sedating effect with lithium for ADHD and they can perform their daily functions without that zombie feeling. Patients have also reported greater concentration and ability to stay on task and much more stable moods.

However, while some parents may want to try lithium orotate for ADHD, there is a much more tested and tried homeopathic treatment which is an alternative to Ritalin and the other stimulant drugs. The best ADHD homeopathic remedy on the market to-day is actually manufactured in a FDA registered facility. Not only are the ingredients grown with the highest safety standards in mind, but the whole process is supervised by qualified homeopaths. The enormous success of this ADHD homeopathic treatment is due in no small measure to the quality,safety standards and guarantees applied. Best of all, there are no side effects and no health risks either in the short or long term.