The Top 5 Affordable Cigar Lighters

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The Five Very best Cigar Lighters

So you have taken a liking towards the great earth of great cigars. Initially, the aromas, peace, and fellowship pulled you in so you bought some sticks. Of class your collection quickly grew and now you come across by yourself inside a full-on hobby, a delicious hobby, I could incorporate. Just one thing you may not have anticipated from all this stogie madness is the many very little points that go along with cigar smoking: the humidor, cutter, and lighter, just to identify several. And though you can find just way too lots of aspects from the cigar environment to think about for this write-up, I thought I could possibly give several pointers during the way from the all-important cigar lighter, possibly by far the most vital cigar accessory you could individual (tied with all the humidor of training course).

1st of all, there are numerous means to light a cigar, some superior than others, and some you basically should not attempt (trust me, I’ve lit my stogies in strategies I treatment not forgetting). Now I am positive you have read this already, but I am likely to say it anyways – throw out that Bic lighter! Cigars deserve additional respect than that, they have special needs… Kerosene and other oil-based lighters (Zippos) should really not be applied for cigars mainly because it taints the flavor of your cigar. Matches might be utilised to light up, but prevent sulfur tips (strike anywhere) as they also can have a foul flavor. A further downside to matches is you can conclusion up making use of 50 percent the box should you be heading to acquire a proper light. Some will light cedar sticks referred to as “cedar spills” and use these to light the cigar, but most select a butane torch lighter; clean-burning, simple to carry, and economical with the most part… this can be whatever you want.

What to look for

When earning that vital decision of what lighter to obtain, you can notice ideal absent there’s a great deal of solutions on the market! From your greatly varying charges, to size, model, plus much more, you will discover normally five factors I watch for.


You are going to become employing this thing a good deal (I hope), make guaranteed it is a thing that catches you might be eye. It really should even be straightforward to fit within your pocket, so really don’t get some ridiculous dragon-shaped torch…

Relieve of Use:

Yet again, you’ll be utilizing this typically, a fantastic lighter really should be easy to fill, open, and light. Look for lighters that open and light simultaneously in the event you genuinely need to steer clear of a hassle.

Flame Count:

This really is entirely around the person, one particular flame will choose lengthier to have the cigar commenced but works good for all those great touchups. 3 flames will get you up and operating with no queries requested. Like you may well expect, two flames is sort of like the most beneficial of both of those worlds! (in my opinion)

Fuel Capacity:

Some thing you may not think to look for, a little fuel size can get rather annoying rather quick. A fantastic lighter really should have the capacity to handle a table of cigar smokers no dilemma. Conversely, a lighter can get fairly bulky which has a large fuel tank, attempt to locate a very good harmony.


This can be quite possibly the most significant aspect for any fantastic lighter. What is actually the level inside of a lighter that doesn’t light?! The most beneficial lighters light every single time, no exceptions. And when the top-of-the-line lighters are usually quite possibly the most reliable (normally), a dependable lighter could be identified in a decent value, you just ought to know in which to look. Consequently, a “cheapy” lighter is almost guaranteed to become unreliable, stay clear of people “great deal” $5 lighters when you want a thing that will operate when it ought to.

So what lighters are around? What manufacturers can we trust to deliver on all or nearly all of these aforementioned traits? Whilst I haven’t tried ’em all (that has?), I’ve been about extensive ample to have an excellent really feel of which lighters would be the “real deal” and which types just… blow. In my opinion, these are typically a number of the greatest cigar lighters on the market for the hard-earned cash.

The best 5 Economical Cigar Lighters

#5. Blazer Optimus

This is often an interesting and unusual lighter in that there may be basically a guillotine cigar cutter designed in! To the front from the Blazer Optimus is usually a magnetically held cutter that just slides off and on. The blazer also has a nice lighting mechanism given that the cover doubles because the striking button. Within the downside, the Optimus can be a tiny little bit bulky in size and doesn’t experience as solid as others on this listing, loosing the guillotine cutter could also be an concern which compromises the look and come to feel, be careful to maintain this lighter in a single piece.

#4. Colibri Evoke

The Colibri Evoke is often a one flame torch lighter produced with type and course in brain. The Evoke is often a slim, metallic lighter that will fit into any pocket with relieve. It’s got a flip-top that feels really solid and smooth, this also reflects the lighter’s higher $55 selling price variety. You can find a viewing window within the facet to gauge your butane plus a punch cutter that opens with the base. This really is an extremely solid and reliable lighter with characteristics (and price tag) that could not be appreciated via the beginner.

#3. Xikar Tech

This is certainly your touring lighter: durable, very easy to operate, and just one huge butane reservoir! The Xikar Tech is often a one torch lighter that merely gets the job accomplished. That has a large flame adjustment wheel to the base (no screwdriver!) in addition to a apparent physique, this thing can make it incredibly straightforward to control that oh-so-precious butane. By using a fair $30 value vary, that is a must-have to the touring aficionado.

#2. Vector Vulcan

The Vulcan can be a solid, triple flame torch lighter. The thing I adore about it’s the lighting mechanism, found over the aspect with the lighter, basically squeeze the lighter as well as the best opens whilst giving a huge triple-flame burst of warmth! The Vector Vulcan has a nice heavy weight inside the hand experience in addition as extras just like a punch cutter in the base and an straightforward fuel gauge about the aspect. Be careful although, given that the triple flame works by using triple the fuel, a thing to maintain in brain. At $50, the value feels a little bit steep, attempt to uncover this lighter on sale, you will not be unhappy.

#1. Xikar Element

This can be a beast of the lighter! The Xikar Aspect is often a double-flame torch lighter that seems to acquire the most effective of every thing. A solid, heavy, metal experience lets you know this thing aint breaking, and hey, if somehow it does – it is guaranteed for everyday living, no inquiries questioned! Go ahead, run this thing by means of its courses, you will under no circumstances want yet another lighter. Once again, the lighting operation is seamless, press the button on major as well as the cover slides to expose the double-flame (my most loved)! The Factor also has the extra gizmos like punch cutter and fuel gauge, with front and back again side-grips to ensure a steady light. Having a mid-range $45 price tag tag, cigar lovers of all levels will discover this to generally be an excellent combination of layout, high quality, and trustworthiness.