July 30, 2021


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6 HOT wrap jobs on popular Indian cars: Maruti Baleno to Hyundai i20 Elite

Are you a car freak? Do you want to make your car unique and distinct from others? Almost everyone has a dream of making their car unique in their own way, which showcases their personality and style to others. Some may simply opt for the add-on accessories in their Maruti Baleno to make it distinct while others go one-step ahead to display their creativity.

If you are a latter and want to display your creativity freely, then you can take advantage of the vinyl wraps. Currently, the vinyl wraps play a vital role in transforming the overall look of the cars, which is cheaper than paint. You can include vinyl wrap in any areas of the car such as the bonnet, wing mirrors, dashboard, roof, etc. You can even use it for the interior to get a professional look. The major benefit of this wrap is that it is reversible completely unlike paint.

Imagine you have a Hyundai Eon car and change its appearance by spending some extra money on vinyl wraps along with Eon car price . It will surely worth for your money in all ways as vinyl wraps have unlimited benefits. So, do you want to transform your car look with vinyl wrap? Take some inspiration from these six wraps on the prominent Indian cars.

6 Gorgeous Examples of Vinyl Wrap on Indian Fleets

Hyundai Eon

Add value to the money, which you have spent to own the car with the royal blue wrap along with the black accents. It offers distinct appearance and protects the paint. You can add some extra accessories to compliment the character.

Maruti Baleno

Do you want to make your Maruti Baleno stand apart from the crowd?  Well, you can go with the stunning transformation of copper orange shade wrap along with racing stripes. This outstanding combination renders an excellent finish for the automobile. Additionally, alloy finished in the gloss black praise the entire appearance of the vehicle.

Mahindra Scorpio gateway

Change Mahindra Scorpio Gateway outlook with the military camo wrap. Add some extra accessories to uplift the vehicle outlook. Better, you can purchase tires in big size, off road bumper, deflector, etc. This look will surely make everyone on the road look at you a minute.

Maruti Swift

If you want to your swift stand apart from millions on the Indian road, then get help from IDE auto works. Their best swift wrap is that basic contrast wraps on the roof and the wing mirrors. The popular color combinations are silver & orange and black & red. You can even opt for colorful graffiti bind to change your swift glance.

Hyundai Elite i20

Enjoy the unique ride with the best selling i20 model of Hyundai. Autobots Automotive Customization wraps i20 with hypercolor shift wrap-up. They have added grille and bigger alloys to enhance the wrapped appearance.

Mahindra Thar

Turn your Mahindra Thar into a different character using the Camouflage accent. This wrap makes the black color pop out even more. IDE auto works achieved this unforgettable design, which surely a head turner.