July 30, 2021


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Before you download Hello Neighbor, Read this

Perhaps one of the most intriguing games released is this stealth horror game Hello Neighbor. The combination of strategy and suspense combined with horror elements made this game a must-have for avid thrill-seeking fans and gamers. The game is all about finding your way through a maze of rooms and uncovering the secrets hidden in your neighbor’s basement. The scary part comes with the idea that you don’t have any clue what is under it, so make sure you are prepared for whatever comes in your way.

Going through the basement requires your wits to strategize the best ways to get in and out without being caught. To simply put it, the game won’t be easy as it will challenge your nerve in any way possible. With that in mind, this article will provide you tips and tricks to help you get a feel for the game and strategize your way through the complex puzzles laid out before you.

Make as many mistakes as you can, and take chances

The first tip on the list might sound a little silly as it does not make much sense. However, the best way to learn about the world around you is to commit mistakes within it. And the bustling world of Hello Neighbor is not an exception, making mistakes will force you to repeat the same process in the game, again and again, leading to clarity about a situation or puzzle that you’re having difficulty with. It is important to never be afraid of these situations and take chances, because only in a mistake that you will truly learn. In the end, everything will pay off.

Play at your phase, don’t rush

No matter what you do also remind yourself to take your time. Patience is always a good virtue and it is especially true in Hello Neighbor. Rushing in this game will simply defeat its purpose of being stealth. There is no point in rushing in this world because even if you try to make things quick, it will only make noise and eventually grab your neighbor’s attention. That is the last thing you want to do in this game. If you intend to finish the game, it might be best for you to take things slow and just wait it out.

Hide! Hide! And Hide!

Having the humility and presence of mind to hide is not a mechanic to be ignored, the game has plenty of places that you can hide within your neighbor. This is important to continue playing the game while avoiding being detected. Hiding also means having to wait for several moments before coming out again. Keep in mind that hiding is just the easy part, the challenge is having the guts and taking the chance to come out, an important part of the adventure that you will undertake.

Getting through the game depends on strategy, these tips might not be true to all players but will come in handy as a guide in your journey within the game. Develop your strategy and adjust to the gameplay. Hello neighbor download is now available, providing options for mobile devices having hello neighbor android requirements. Have fun and enjoy the thrill!