July 30, 2021


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Remedies For Oily Hair: 5 Remedies For Beautiful Hair!

Oily hair may not be life threatening, but at times it may feel that way. Different hair types experience this more than others. Generally those with blonde hair or very fine straight hair deal with oily hair more often and to a greater degree then others. But don’t despair, there are effective remedies for this condition regardless of hair type.

Remedies for Oily Hair

  1. Massage. Before shampooing, massage the scalp thoroughly to bring up any oil just under the scalp at the pores. Using massage will really get the oil where you can clean it away instead of leaving it hiding just underneath the skin.
  2. Essential Oils. Wash with a natural, chemical free shampoo. Add 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of geranium essential oils to the shampoo. Be sure to test this with just a small dab on your elbow to make sure there is no skin allergies for these oils. If no irritation then these oils work great and smell good too. When you purchase your oils be sure to ask someone knowledgeable about the proper and safe use of these oils.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar. After shampoo, rinse with a special mix of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice and a pint of water. Really work this in well, then rinse well.
  4. Don`t use conditioner. If you must, only use at the ends of your hair. By improving your diet, using essential oils and other alternatives you will find your hair is shiny, manageable and full body without using conditioners that do more harm than good.
  5. High heat can increase oil from your pores so cut down on the heat of your hair dryer and when possible let it air dry. Also using harsh soaps meant to stop oil production only does so temporarily. Both high heat and harsh soaps dry the skin too much and the body sensing a complete lack in oil revs up the system to pump out even more oil.

Oily hair can be helped with good health practices such as eating a healthy diet, using natural, mild soaps and cleansers along with exercise and meditation which help to reduce stress which can sometimes trigger excess oil production by the body. When your body is over doing such as with producing more oil than necessary, it is usually a sign of some imbalance. Healthy practices can bring back balance and should be considered one of you remedies for oily hair.