July 30, 2021


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What Attire Should I Wear to a Funeral?

When it comes to choosing your clothing for a funeral, most of us go for the obvious. Black has always been the colour of choice for UK funerals, but times are changing.

Celebration of Life

Funerals are sad, difficult times for all involved, but many people prefer to look on the bright side, rather than thinking about a loss. They want a funeral to be a celebration of life, as opposed to a heart wrenching ceremony. If you are attending a ceremony which is being conducted by Middlesex funeral directors, ask them about funeral wear.

If the bereaved family is planning a celebration of life, they might not want you to wear black attire. The most important rule of thumb when dressing for a funeral is to avoid sticking out from the crowd.

Funeral Attire

Your funeral clothing all depends on the type of funeral you are going to, if you are unsure about the religious ceremony you are about to attend, check online or speak to an experienced funeral director. You could be attending any type of funeral, including:

  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Jewish
  • Catholic
  • Sikh

Is black my only option?

Black is worn for traditional funeral ceremonies, but it isn’t as important as it once was. You’ll find many mourners wear different shades such as dark grey, navy and dark blue. A smart work outfit is usually acceptable for any funeral.

Funeral etiquette has changed over the years, you could now be asked to wear something bright as a celebration of life instead of your usual dark colours.