July 30, 2021


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3 Benefits Of Booking Your Staff Into An Escape Room In The UK.

In today’s world. Everybody likes to win and nobody likes to lose. You may have been told in the past that taking part was winning enough, but none of us ever believed that. Business is competitive and life is competitive as well and anything that allows us to use our brains and to win can only be a good thing. More and more businesses now are turning to alternative ways to stimulate their staff and to get them into that winning mindset. It is no longer acceptable to settle for less and now there are escape rooms to address that.

If you are a business and are looking for local corporate events in Leeds, then you don’t need to look any further than escape room days out for your staff. These events are the perfect answer to a workplace that has become boring and predictable and what’s more, they are good for your health.

  1. These escape rooms offer puzzles and puzzles that are good for the brain. They encourage the body to release dopamine and this gives you a positive mood, better concentration, better memory and much better social skills.
  2. If you are locked in this room with work colleagues, then you all have to talk and discuss the puzzle in order to get out. This vastly improves your communication skills which are essential for the workplace.
  3. The puzzles encourage you to solve problems and this is a skill that you can take back to the office and make a positive contribution.

To encourage your staff to be more productive, book them into one of these escape rooms. They will have a fun day away from the office and they will learn something new.