July 30, 2021


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Eyes Here – 5 Brain benefits of playing video games

One of the most common misconceptions about video gaming is that it is solely a source of pastime entertainment. However, recent research and study show that video games have several benefits such as cognitive developments, especially among children ages 4 – 15 and young adults. Similar to the way playing physical sports improves strength muscles, brain games or strategy games found in video games also help develop the player’s cognitive ability through brain stimulation enhancing the brain’s capability and performance.

This article will provide you a list of some key benefits in playing video games to your brain.

Enhances coordination

Playing video games is more than staring at the computer for several hours. When children and adults engage in video games, the activities that they see on the screen provides different type of mental stimulation. Most video games like the arcade and role-play involve complex puzzles that you need to accomplish, this allows the players to use good coordination on their visual, strategy, and audial.

Develops problem-solving skills

Video games involve a lot of puzzles and rules, this forces the players to think in a very crucial way before they start making any decision and doing their move. Making the right decisions ensure that they keep track of the required rules of the video game. More than the critical thinking of the player, they also need a fair amount of logic and creative thinking to get pass through various levels. And the tricky part is that they have to make decisions very quickly, this is often the determining factor if they are going to advance to the next level.

It’s a great avenue for learning

Gaming is has a lot of advantages not only to adults and teenagers but also to children as well. The age of 4 – 15 years old is the curious part of the children that is why in schools, a lot of teachers integrate video games in their lesson plan and teaching method. This allows the children to enhance their academic skills by playing games that are particularly targeted at improving their creative and cognitive abilities.

Enhance brain speed

Playing video games allows the brain to receive various stimulations, both in the visual and audial aspect. Research shows that players who often play video games more likely process stimulate fast compared to others who don’t play. This makes their brain working continuously through interpreting the visuals.

Develops multi-tasking skills

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